Jim Carrey’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Got Uglier As Sext Messages To His Late Girlfriend Revealed

Jim Carrey is in the weeds of an ugly wrongful death lawsuit surrounding his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White and brought on by her estranged husband, Mark Burton.

White committed suicide in September of 2015, which was the alleged result of Carrey giving her Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea. In a hand-written letter White wrote just weeks before her death, she insinuates that Carrey tried to keep her quiet by degrading and disrespecting her, leaving her “abandoned and alone.”

New text messages that Carrey allegedly sent his ex have been shown in a Los Angeles District Court reveal Carrey urged White to get the morning after pill following a “carefree” sexual encounter. Carrey also allegedly dropped a line about his dick in the middle of the two talking about their dead parents.

Interesting transition.

White’s former husband Mark Burton claims in his lawsuit that Carrey broke it off with White just hours after she told him she would be going in for an STD test. He also claims that Carrey sent several texts trying to get her to sign a contract post-breakup that would ensure that she doesn’t sue him for infecting her with STDs, reports Daily Mail.

Burton also released this scathing statement about Carrey’s character:

‘Jim Carrey’s public persona is a fraud. In reality, he is a guy who texts about his cock in the same breath as deceased love ones at Christmas.

‘And who tells a woman to take a morning after pill immediately after having sex with her and giving her STDs. Class act.’ (via)

Carrey shot back at Burton last Friday, claiming Burton was just trying to get in his pockets.

‘Is this the way a “husband” honors the memory of his “wife?” The real disease here is greed, shameful greed!’

Carrey’s lawyer has presented photos of White and his client having a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner to prove that White’s marriage to Burton was a sham. White and Burton married just a month prior, a binding that Carrey’s lawyer refers to as a “green card marriage.” This could help disprove that Burton suffered from a “loss of companionship” following his wife’s suicide, which is a pillar of the wrongful death suit.

Any way you cut the shit sandwich, no one gets out of this without reeking of it.

[h/t Daily Mail]


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