Thank You Internet! Someone Recreated That Crazy Kangaroo Fight But Added Conor McGregor KO’ing The Beast

That video of an Australian man saving his dog and punching a kangaroo has gone super viral, racking up nearly 30 million views in only five days. With great internet popularity comes great mashups.

PETA has condemned the altercation between the man and the roo, even going as so far as to say that Tonkins should be arrested for his punch. Then animal activists showed up at Tonkins’ home and he was forced to call the police because he felt they were a threat to his family.

Well, the people of PETA ain’t gonna like this.

Social media editor RayRod747 edited the now iconic fight between man and beast and gave some backup to Greig Tonkins, in the way of UFC champ Conor McGregor.

In the video, the Australian man had a weak jab that left the marsupial stunned, but it didn’t appear to do any real damage. Even his friends said it was a weak punch.

“We laughed at him for chucking such a shit punch,” Mathew Amor said.

Someone who knows nothing about shit punches is Conor McGregor. What better person for Tonkins to tag in to take care of the animal that attacked his dog than the “The Celtic Tiger” himself.

McGregor isn’t afraid of any human and apparently isn’t afraid of kangaroos either based on this beautiful edit. The Notorious jumps into the inter-species brawl and makes short work of the kangaroo by KO’ing the marsupial.


Here is the viral video in all it’s glory.

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