Katt Williams Is Under Arrest Again For Violating Parole, Charged With Disorderly Conduct Over THAT Stupid Video

Katt Williams can’t catch a break – from reportedly being found naked and covered in chocolate when cops raided his home earlier this month, to getting his ass handed to him in a viral video of some kid picking a fight with him, it’s safe to say that March is just not his month.

Then again, today is the 31st. It’s possible his luck could turn around, maybe he’ll win the lottery? Revive his career sometime in the next 12 hours? Beat the shit out of that kid in revenge? The options are endless! If Katt puts his mind to it I’m SURE he can turn this month into a winner…

…JUST KIDDING. He’s been arrested again.

Color me shocked.

Katt Williams is in custody again — cops scooped him up Wednesday for that brawl with a 17-year-old.

Gainesville PD in Georgia tell TMZ … officers showed up at Katt’s house and arrested him. As we told you, an arrest warrant was issued on Monday. Katt was booked around 2:30 PM, and will be held until his court appearance Thursday.

You’ll remember … Williams was seen in a video last week punching 17-year-old Luke Wash after a soccer game. Both Katt and Wash were charged with disorderly conduct.

Luke turned himself in on Monday.(via)

In other words, no matter how shitty your day/month/year is going, at the very least be thankful that you are not Katt Williams.