Katt Williams Was Arrested (Again) After Humming A Salt Shaker At A Restaurant Manager’s Face For An LOL Reason

Katt William’s is the DEAD MAN who hit a restaurant manager with a salt shaker.

According to TMZ,

Katt got arrested late Wednesday night at Atlanta seafood restaurant Spondivits after he got into it with the staff … according to cops.

We’re told Katt’s party walked into the restaurant and decided to seat themselves instead of waiting for a host. Katt soon followed and started arguing with the manager over the seating situation.

Katt allegedly settled matters by grabbing a salt shaker, chucking it at the manager and smashing him in the face. Cops say his lip was bleeding, and Katt had fled when they arrived.

Officers found Williams a little later and arrested him for battery (no salt) … he posted bond and was released around 12:30 AM.

They say no publicity is bad publicity. This is evident in the fact that Katt Williams nationwide Conspiracy Theory Tour tickets are flying off the shelves like hotcakes. As long as you’re funny, you have free reign to be a 42-year-old man going to blows with a poor high school kid and just casually be naked and covered in chocolate when the cops raid your house. Because LOL comedians will comedian! It’s easy to ignore the undeniable truth that Katt Williams belongs in a straight jacket and may very well need a lobotomy when the dude is one of the funniest fuckers on the planet. The dude is in the driver’s seat of the clown car just passed out at the wheel.

[h/t TMZ]

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