Drunk Woman Figures Out Way To Beat Breathalyzer Test And Luckily Her 4-Year-Old Blew Sober

by 4 years ago
Kid Behind Wheel


Mom just wants to hit the bar for a couple shots but she’s got her kids with her AND a breathalyzer in her car. Time to teach the kids a new game called “get mommy to the saloon!”

Police were called Sunday after the woman, April R. King, left her kids ages 2 and 4, inside a running vehicle to go inside a Froggers Grill and Bar, 1601 N. Rock Springs Rd., to drink.

King, 35, apparently left the kids unattended for about 20 minutes. Employees told police that she left the bar, and drove around in the parking lot before going to a business next door to the bar.

A 35-year-old woman remains jailed today after she was accused of leaving two children in her car while consuming alcoholic drinks in Apopka.

When police arrived, King was outside her vehicle. She was slurring her speech, smelled of alcohol and was unstable on her feet, according to the arrest affidavit.

King denied going into the bar and leaving her children unattended.

As police were interviewing King, the boy went to the front seat and blew on the Breathalyzer, the video showed.

It looks like the kids will be playing their second favorite game soon — “Let’s bake booze bottles into this cake to take to mommy in prison.”

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