Video Of The Week: Kid Bicycling Into Wall Because He Was Staring At Strip Club Ad

Is this video scripted? There’s a 92.6% chance it’s scripted. But you know what? Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Workaholics, and Louie are all scripted and they’re hilarious. So before you get all worked up and scream “FAAAAAAAAAAKE” at the top of your lungs to your screen, just sit back and have a laugh at a young boy discovering the beauty and mystery of the female body before his world comes crashing down on him.

This young lad is bicycling down the street when he sees a risque advertisement for a strip club on a bus. He becomes so absorbed by the naughty ad that he yells out “Ooooh la la!!!” Then bicycles right into a wall. If staged, the kid does a wonderful WWE-like effort of playing it off as real and only bailing milliseconds before impact.

You know that the sleazy owner of Club Privé forced his son to crash into a wall for this viral marketing of his strip club.

Hey kid, welcome to a lifetime of staring at hot chicks and trying to impress them only to crash and burn.

I don’t care if this video is fake…