Guy Has Sex With Last Thing You Should Ever Stick Your Dick In To Show Girlfriend That He ‘Didn’t Need Her Anymore’



For the record, you should not stick your dick in meat grinders, wood chippers, Chinese finger traps and food processors. Most likely all of those situations will end up in bodily harm to you, which is probably fair since if you’re dumb enough to do it in the first place well…you deserve whatever you get. But at least those things aren’t the WORST places to stick your dick. The worst place would be…well, we’ll let the pathetically demented tale of Billy Joseph-Edward Taylor tell the rest:

A man allegedly filmed himself having sex with his puppy and then sent the recording to an ex-girlfriend to show he didn’t need her any more.

The man from Florida was arrested after it is believed the woman turned him in claiming to have received disturbing footage via email.

Investigators in St John’s County said he was arrested after videotaping himself having a sexual encounter with his puppy.

…They added the 25-year-old’s ex-girlfriend reported him after she received an email of a recording showing Tyler and a small puppy having “sexual contact”.

Deputies say the woman uncovered additional evidence of the sexual encounter with the dog.(via)

Taylor was charged with sexual activities involving animals and is now being held in prison in lieu of a $10,000 bond payment.

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