Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Crapped On Real Hard For Blaming Anton Yelchin’s Death On ‘Hollywood’



Lindsay Lohan is known for being a Mean Girl and for snorting lines of white powder up her nose, so it should come as no surprise that she doesn’t seem to quite understand how Anton Yelchin died. “Freak car accident” seems pretty easy to grasp, and yet here we have Lindsay…

…blaming “Hollywood” for his death.


Blame Jeep, steep inclines and sturdy security gates sure, but Hollywood? Nah. Maybe if he’d been found dead with a note pinned to his shirt that said “BEST REGARDS YA BITCH, HOLLYWOOD” and a brick of cocaine jammed up his nose, but at the moment I’m not seeing the connection, nor is anyone else:





Yeesh. Next time fact check your statements before posting on Instagram for the world to see, unless you enjoy perpetuating the image of a washed-up uninformed “actress” – in which case, keep on keepin’ on, Lindsay.

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