This Logic Problem For 1st Graders Is Going Viral Because 6-Year-Olds Have No Problem Solving It Yet Adults Can’t



Math was not my strong suit back in school, so I went into this with ultra-low expectations. And guess what — I didn’t even meet those expectations! Yup, I told myself “I’ll spend ~15 seconds on this and if I can’t figure it out by then I’ll just quit and look at the answer.” Lo and behold I blew 5 minutes and 3 sheets of scratch paper trying to figure this stupid piece of shit logic question out and I couldn’t. I am a failure, hear me mope.

Then again, knowing that you too will most likely fail this logic problem makes me feel a little better. The puzzle is currently being used as an elementary school admission test for six-year-olds and they’re required to solve it within 20 seconds. Keep all of that in mind for when you waste 5 minutes of your life dicking around with this stupid thing.

Based on the visible numbers, what is the number of the spot where the car is parked?



Can’t solve it? Here’s the answer:



Yeah, all you have to do is flip the image upside down to see it “correctly.” I’ll give you a moment to pick up and reset the table you just flipped. Go on, take your time.

Apparently adults tend to overthink the question, whereas children typically look at things from different angles and go for the simplest explanation. Just another reason to hate chidlren and never, ever have any, those smug little fucks with their stupid logic questions that I’m too dumb to answer.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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