Watching A Simple Magic Trick Makes This Orangutan Erupt With Glee

It’s a simple fact of life that everyone loves magic. Young people, old people, teens. Even jaded, annoyed teens love magic.

A couple years back at my old job, I was tasked with planning the holiday party. I spent the entire budget on a magician. The CFO was astounding when I came back asking for more funds, explaining that all of it had already gone to a magician.

“A WHAT??”

He begrudgingly extended me more money to pay for a venue and booze. I picked a haunted house, and got an open bar, and the whole of my buttoned up lobbying firm was worried this would be the worst event ever. But a dope magician walked around performing tricks all night while we drank and ate and after everyone said it was the greatest holiday party they’d ever been to.

Had this orangutan been there, he would have loved it. Because if he gets fooled by this dumb a trick… imagine what a ball he’d have with a real magician.

[Via NY Daily News]