This MASSIVE Brawl At McDonald’s Is The Very Definition Of ‘Free-For-All’

We take you to Argentina where a huge melee erupted at a McDonald’s. The fight encompassed the entire “restaurant” and caused McEmployees to intervene with the warring parties. Frightened customers were helpless and just watched intently as the donnybrook ravaged the entire fast food joint.

Apparently the brawl was started when one of the men standing in line attempted to hit on a young woman in front of him, and possibly became aggressive. But I still surmise that the quarrel erupted because they ran out of McRibs and people lost their shit.

One eyewitness said, “There were initially just two people involved but there were a lot of other people then who simply wanted to punch someone and also got involved only for the sake of fighting.”

Local police confirmed that alcohol played a part in the sudden outburst of violence (Well no shit). They were so shwasted that three of the combatants were were unable to make a statement to police because they were incoherent, and had to have several cups of coffee to sober up.

Don’t throw a chair at me Argentina.