GRAPHIC: Two Grown Men Bludgeon Each Other In Blood-Splattered Brawl Over Girls Softball Game

by 3 years ago

I don’t have kids, but if I did I imagine that I’d probably love them and stuff. Like I’d buy them shit that they would want and make sure they brush their teeth. But I don’t think I’m going to blindly love my kids that much to get my face bashed in because of their 6th grade sports team like these two maniacs.

This gentleman is on his vacation, but he uses his leisure time to drive over to confront a softball coach about his daughter being taken off the team, which sounds like a perfect way to chillax.

“Your daughter is off the team because of you,” the coach sternly states.

The disgruntled father replies, “She’s off the team because I want her off the team.” Which sounds kind of stupid because if he wanted her off the team and now she’s off the team, where’s the problem?

The coach warns the parent to walk away. Then the coach becomes aggressive by getting right in the face of the dad. Then the coach shoves the dad in the chest, which is followed by an all-out donnybrook.

There are a lot of missed punches and then the coach body slams the dad to the ground. They wrestle for a bit and then the coach unloads on the father with numerous shots right to his face. He lands many blows to the face and bloodies the father. Coach smashed his face in so badly that blood splattered all over the ground. And after seeing all the blood, I thought to myself, “I love my face. Maybe I don’t want kids.”

At least Randy Marsh would be proud.

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