40% Of Molly Users Are Accidentally Taking Bath Salts Since Nothing Says ‘Rave!’ Like Running Down A Freeway Naked



That’s the thing with illegal drugs – you never know what you’re getting. Ideally you’re smart enough to recognize when the baggie filled with white powder your dealer handed you is actually cocaine and not marijuana, but what about drugs like Bath Salts and Molly? They basically look the same: small crystals that may or may not have been crushed into dust by some over-eager backyard chemist. What do you do then?

Most intelligent people use test kits to make sure they’re not popping back rat poison at $120 a gram. As for those of us who are too cheap to buy test kits, well…”WE’LL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH, WON’T WE?” we say with a grin as we throw back .1 of “whatever the fuck this is.” But unfortunately for the risk taker in all of us, according to a study out of New York University 40% of Molly users are accidentally ingesting Bath Salts.

Now, depending on what walk of life you’re from that may sound like fun. As in, if you’re from Heroin City USA and everyone around you is a junkie, a nice casual trip on Bath Salts probably sounds like a nice vacation for you. As for the rest of us, who prefer not to spend our days in a manic state searching for human flesh to dine on, I’d rather shell out for a test kit. According to study author Dr. Joseph Palamar,

‘Given the sharp rise in poisonings and recent deaths at dance festivals related to ecstasy use, research was needed to examine whether nightclub/festival attendees who use ecstasy or Molly have been unintentionally or unknowingly using bath salts.

‘Little is known about these new drugs and some may be more dangerous than MDMA.’

The team of scientists surveyed young adults outside of dance clubs and festivals between July and September of 2015.

The researchers asked them about their use of ecstasy and other drugs.

The participants were asked whether they had knowingly used ecstasy – and also whether they had knowingly used any of 35 listed bath salts or other novel drugs.(via)

Palamar then asked the study participants if they could take a lock of their hair and test it for drugs. Of all the people included in the study 48 people were willing to give up some hair, and of those 48 people only 24 tested positive for ecstasy – the rest? Bath Salts.

The scientists determined that the most commonly detected ‘bath salts’ were butylone and methylone – which are common adulterants in ecstasy.

Dr Palamar said: ‘Among those who reported no use of bath salts or unknown powders or pills, four out of ten tested positive for bath salts and/or other novel drugs.’

Additionally, one sample tested positive for alpha-PVP, which is a strong stimulant known as Flakka.(via)

Side note: don’t fuck with Flakka.

The doctor added: ‘A lot of people laughed when they gave us their hair, saying things like, “I don’t use bath salts; I’m not a zombie who eats people’s faces”.

‘Yet our findings suggest many of these people have been using “bath salts” without realizing it.’(via)

Dr. Palamar went on to explain that the results of the study showed that while Molly hasn’t always been dangerous, it’s becoming increasingly risky due to an increasing amount of people watering it down with less than ideal chemicals. As for how to stay safe? Palamar recommends buying test kits to make sure that what you’re taking is MDMA and not a cocktail of other poisonous alternatives.

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