How American Is Your State? Map Ranks States By Bald Eagles, Olympic Medals, Guns And More

by 5 years ago

A map by the real estate website Estately has ranked all 50 states based on how American they are. Criteria to judge how much each state America’s out includes the following: (1) Bald eagles per square mile, (2) Olympic gold medals won (per capita), (3) Astronauts born in each state (per capita), (4) Fast food restaurants (per capita), (5) Total Major League Baseball players born in each state, (6) Percentage of homes with firearms, (7) Percentage of Facebook users in each state expressing interest in the “United States of America”, (8) Google searches for “Bin Laden dead”. All of this criteria I can get on board with aside from fast food restaurants, I don’t really see how that had anything to do with being American, but I’ll let it slide since I support the rest of the criteria.

After mapping the data, Estately found that Iowa is #1 in being American. That’s right, the Hawkeye State is the MOST American state in the USA. On the flip side of that comes Nevada as the LEAST AMERICAN state in the USA, though Nevada did rank #1 in fast food restaurants per capita. But I’m sure you’re wondering where your state ranks, and you can find that out by checking out the chart and map below:

I gotta say, bros, if your state’s not in at least the top 25 you should probably consider moving. Can you really live with yourself knowing you don’t live in an upper echelon ‘Merican state??? CAN YOU?!?!?

Estately put together a lot more data on each state, and you can get the full rundown on your state by clicking here to head over to their blog!