These Are Most Cockroach And Rat-Infested Cities In America, Ranked By The Number Of Vermin

After seeing these vermin statistics below it’s 100% safe to say that the entire city of New Orleans is experiencing a cockroach epidemic. Likewise, the rat situation throughout the Northeast has gotten out of control.

If like much of America you don’t happen to live in New Orleans or the Northeast this doesn’t mean that you’re free of vermin, not at all. In fact, your city could very well be crawling in vermin (cockroaches and rats) no matter where you live in the United States. Below, Bloomberg put together lists of the most mice/rat-infested and cockroach-infested cities in America based on the percentage of households which have found evidence of these vermin. Get ready to reevaluate everything you love about your city after seeing these stats.

I’ve long been a HUGE proponent of’s ability to present graphs and statistics better than anyone else on the Internet. I believe that they’ve got the best user experience of any website around and that belief was reaffirmed when I stumbled upon this vermin article and started scrolling. They’ve got some truly F’d up graphics to go along with their statistics, and you’d be a fool if you didn’t CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about.



If you want to see how this year’s ‘Most Rat Infested Cities in America‘ stack up to last year’s results just follow that link!