Motorcyclist Gets Clipped By Car Running Red Light, Sticks The Landing Like An Olympic Gymnast

by 3 years ago

Some drivers simply should not be allowed on the road. If you’re getting caught on camera running a red light and sideswiping a motorcyclist, your license should not only be revoked but you shouldn’t be allowed the use of public transportation for five years.

Also, thank God for the rise of helmet and dash cameras. Just imagine a world where this guy wasn’t wearing a helmet cam, and that driver who blew through the red light several seconds after it turned run, well, it’s his word versus the driver of the car.

But now that I’ve said all of that, can we talk for a second about how much of a badass this biker is after sticking that landing like Gabby Douglas? He gets t-boned by that car and manages to land standing up, and it all happens in the blink of an eye. Then out of nowhere a cute nurse shows up to heal his wounds?! What is this magical place?

Motorcycle Crash


And let’s watch that impact + landing once more in GIF, for good measure:

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