Mouse Trap Slicing Through Hot Dog Like Butter, Filmed At 147,000 Frames-Per-Second, Is Pure Bliss

This just became my new favorite video on the Internet. It combines all of my favorite things in life: 1) anything filmed in slow-mo HD using a 4K camera, 2) hot dogs, the best food on the planet, and 3) gratuitous violence.

I’ve set this video to begin at the 51-second mark, which is around the time the action really gets going. There’s definitely a je ne sais quoi going on here, and I’m unable to pinpoint exactly what it is about this hot dog video that makes it the best thing to ever happen to the Internet. But the fact remains, this is officially amongst the best videos in the history of YouTube, according to yours truly.

Let’s watch that beautiful hotdog slicing action once more in animated GIF, shall we?

I could watch that all day long.

(h/t DIGG)

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