This Nauseating Act That A Young Man Did For $5, You Couldn’t Pay Me $500,000 To Do

by 3 years ago

My first job was in fast food and it provided me a harsh lessons on the value of a dollar and the necessity to better myself with education so I would not have to work in that environment ever, ever again. This young fella can’t wait for college to amass his wealth, so he’s taking a shortcut, through performing stomach-churning challenges.

The fella in question is willing to lick things for money (Sorry pervs, it’s not that kind of story). The individual used his tongue to lick a grease trap from one of the frying machines at McDonald’s.


FOR $5.

(Not missing any zeros, the McWorker licked old grease for $5.00)

Forget Arianna Grande’s donuts, this licking incident should have sparked international outrage.

Hey asswipe, there are plans to raise the wages of fast food workers to $15-an-hour. There’s no need for you to be engaging in this type of vomitous act, ESPECIALLY for the same amount of money that you can buy a beer.

You do have to respect this young man’s hustle. I guess.


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