News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing At The Size Of A Pig’s Balls During A Live On-Air Segment

To be fair to the anchors, what kind of half-baked cameraman angles his shot right at a pig’s testicles? Literally at least 500,000 other shots you could’ve gone with, yet here I am with bovine balls fried into my mind like bacon in a skillet. Mmmmmm, bacon…too bad I can’t eat that because it doesn’t fit my macros.

Then again, the balls also aren’t even that funny. They’re balls. Everyone missing an X chromosome has them save for a few outliers, so to think that a giant pair of living truck nuts could derail an entire news segment is astonishing. Grow up you children, you’re supposed to be adults – start drinking your coffee black and quit laughing at potty humor like you’re 12.

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