Drug Dealers Are Using India’s Version Of Amazon To Sell Meth, Ecstasy, And Bath Salts

IndiaMart, the world’s second biggest online wholesale marketplace (based on total products for sale) is hosting a series of vendors who are advertising some underground, sketchyass illicit drugs and substances to the next highest bidder–examples being meth, LSD, and ecstasy. The list continues though with other products available like bath salts, Adderall, and codeine. Global Post managed to get in touch with one of IndiaMart’s drug-dispensing vendors–an alleged meth dealer who goes by Daiichi on IndiaMart, and he went on to say:

“We don’t really have police trouble from this. Look, I know this is a controlled substance,” he told GlobalPost by phone. But we’re very discreet. We ship worldwide. We’re a verified seller and you can even confirm that with IndiaMart.”

Okay, so a verified seller in a sprawling online marketplace chock-filled with god knows what else making the rounds to the hungry, shaking, potentially drug-addled hands of the next financially willing and able customer, is apparently chill? I don’t know man. If I were a betting bro I’d throw some money down on IndiaMart eventually, if they haven’t already, playing a major hand in the spread of substance/drug abuse on a global scale.

On the more positive flipside IndiaMart is absolutely killing it in terms of its finances. It received a recent valuation at around $146 million, it’s on track to enter the stock market soon, and it’s fielding offers from tech titans like Amazon, Alibaba, and WalMart all vying for an assault on the online wholesaling Indian-based marketplace.

In closing, it’s important to note here that the selling of illicit substances takes up a small niche of IndiaMart’s marketplace, and the company does have a posted policy against the sale and distribution of illicit substances by vendors to customers using IndiaMart as the conduit for each transaction.