Badass Photo Of The US-Led Coalition Against ISIS Will Make You Want To Kiss A Bald Eagle (BONUS: An ENORMOUS Drone)

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The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS recently released a photograph that shows the amazing array of manpower and air support being employed to take down the insurgents across Syria. Below is the photograph, and from right to left here are the planes featured in this awe-inspiring image: RQ-4 Global Hawk drone (which appears to be the biggest goddamn drone ever built), F-22 Raptor, KC-30A tanker, F-18 jet, E-3, F-15 Eagle, KC-10 tanker, and a U-2 spy plane. All of these incredible planes and drones are surrounded by the troops:


Operation Inherent Resolve via Business Insider

Image via BusinessInsider

This photograph comes on the heels of the United States announcing that an airstrike has killed Abu Waheeb, the ISIS leader of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in Anbar province (Anbar’s also where he was killed by airstrikes). You can read about the recent airstrikes in full by CLICKING HERE, and catch up on the latest news in the war to completely extinguish ISIS’ flames.

(h/t BusinessInsider)