You Can Now Have Oral Sex With Someone By Licking Your Phone, Because That’s Not Weird At All

oral sex phone app o-cast


Sex in the 21st century somehow just got a little bit weirder. I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.

Then again when science is telling us that millennials aren’t getting laid nearly as much as the generations before them I guess we should just expect the unexpected.

And this most definitely qualifies as the unexpected as there is an now app that will let you have oral sex just by licking your phone.

No, I am not kidding. Better stock up on some phone sanitizer, I guess.

“Following the successful launch of BlowCast, or what many referred to as the ‘iTunes of Blowjobs,’ we wanted to extend our offering to women in commemoration of Women’s History Month,” said Darren Press, VP, CamSoda. “As the world’s best adult cam site, we want to continually extend our technological offering to our fans, providing them with legitimate, futuristic innovations that enhance their lives and provide immense pleasure. We’re especially excited to announce the launch of O-Cast, which will have women around the world climaxing courtesy of their favorite porn star, cam model and/or average Jane/Joe. Users can put their oral skills to the ultimate test, using their tongues to record their very own cunnilingus and (hopefully) bring out women’s O-faces.”

First sex robots and now this. What a world we live in today, huh?

Press says that they tested it out with some of their models and the results surprised him, reports the Huffington Post

“They gravitated towards the higher vibrations,” Press said. “I didn’t think they’d want a product that vibrates so aggressively. When I hold it, I can feel the vibes down my forearm.”

Adult entertainer Charley Hart tested out the product and was impressed by the results.

“I loved it,” she told HuffPost. “Nothing is like the real thing, but it’s great when the other person is far away.”

So yeah, this is happening.

As if us bros didn’t have enough pressure on us already, now we have to compete with a phone app too. Awesome.

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