This Outdoor Winter Drinking Game Looks Like The Greatest Drinking Game Ever

Nothing makes you feel more alive than drinking outside during the middle of the winter while it’s dumping snow. The hottest drinking game to go viral this winter is something called Gelande Quaffing, old school ski town drinking game famously invented by the Jackson Hole Air Force. It’s so stupidly simple, it was put to Powder Magazine: “You throw the beer, you catch the beer.” There are a couple of acrobatics in between as points get put on the board.

via Friday At Five @ Chubbies:

Teams of four après skiiers rotate around a 10ft table — one end of the table is for sliding beers, one end is for catching beers. You can only catch the sliding beer mug AFTER it slides off the table and once you catch it, you drink it (duh).

The scoring works like so: You get 1pt for catching the mug, but 2pts if you catch it by the mug handle. The goal is to have your team catch and drink as many sliding beer mugs as it can in 60 seconds.

There are four rounds in total, the first is just regular Gelande Quaffing, the second requires you to do a 360-spin before catching the beer (the same 1pt for a catch, 2pts for a handle catch holds), the third requires you to catch the beer between your legs (same scoring again), and the fourth (which lasts two minutes) requres your team to do each of those in order (first guy does regular, next guy does 360, next guy does through-the-legs) and THEN do a freestyle trick which is worth 0-5 pts depending on how awesome it is.

The team with the most points after the four rounds wins.

Not going to lie, might be the most outdoor winter drinking game ever. Sure beats a simple beer pong set-up in the snow.


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