Bro Hikes From Mexico To Canada (2,660 Miles) Filming One Second Of Footage Every Day

The Pacific Crest Trail, often referred to as just ‘PCT’, is a 2,663 mile long trail running from the United States border with Mexico to the U.S. border with Canada. Boasting an unfathomable 420,880-foot elevation change throughout the trail, it takes most advanced hikers somewhere between 5 to 8 months to complete the arduous trek.

According to the description of the first video on his YouTube channel, the bro filming the hiking footage above somehow managed to complete the 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail through California, Oregon, and Washington in only four and a half months. His first video (below), runs seven minutes and shows 3 seconds of each day.

The video you see above is cut down to just one second of footage for each day he was on the trail, and spans everything he saw from Mexico to Canada over the course of 4.5 months. It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to see footage as unique as this, and I count myself lucky for coming across this video earlier on Reddit.

Here’s the original video that was uploaded back in 2013, showing 3 seconds from each day on the trail:

Videos like this make me wonder why in the hell I ever moved to New York City….

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pacific Crest Trail CLICK HERE to head on over to their website and start learning what it might take for you to complete the 2,663-mile hike yourself.