Ultimate Party Foul Or Blessing From Heaven? Watch This Crew’s Coke Get Destroyed

Seven. I count seven chunky gator tails of Colombia’s finest chopped up on top of that iPhone. That crew is all ready to munch down on some nose nachos, to go tootin’ some snooters, and ridin’ the slopes.

They were all amped up to get jazzed on the booger sugar, then some bastardo rolled in with the red, red wine and ruined the party. So now comes the question: was this an epic party fail or did the person spilling their wine do everyone a favor because ripping those nosechachos would’ve led to seeing the sun rise, a critical hangover the next day, and several days worth of shaky hands (assuming his coke’s been cut with the usual, which it very well could’ve been pure, in which case I’m willing to call this a party foul).

Younger me would’ve instantly called this a party foul but modern day Cass thinks this might’ve been a serendipitous accident…What do you bros think?…Let’s watch that one more time before you decide:

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