People Are Pissed Over This Picture Of A Crocodile The Size Of THREE Men Being Killed And Hanged From A Tree

Crocodiles and I are not on good terms at the moment. Just as I was coming to terms with a gator tearing off the hand of Chubbs Peterson, preventing him from following his PGA tour dream, a water monster at Disney killed a toddler by drowning him in a lagoon. It would take a shitload for me to be outraged by the ill treatment of a gator given the species apparent disregard for human life.

That’s why when these dudes in the UK posted a photo of a MONSTER croc they hunted hanging from a tree, a part of me rejoiced. The crocodile, which is the size of all three grown men stacked on each other and which was apparently shot on the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe , was posted to social media and has since amassed 12,000 shares–most of which shared to bring shame to the men for their “disgusting” treatment of the reptile.

Says one Facebook user, so eloquently:

“Pathetic cunt.who the fuck do you think you are to take the life of something older than your grandparents. Different story then ay you fuckin coward piece of shit.”

Some came to the hunters’ defense, claiming that the hunt was within the guidelines of carefully monitored system designed to keep the large crocodiles from eating up the small ones, and the local village received the meat and skin for food and income.

What do you think bros: pathetic cunt or catch of a lifetime?

I tend to side with the latter at the moment.

Alligator In Pool

[h/t Mirror]

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