Go Full Genius With This Phone Speaker Invention


Pepsi Max

Have you ever been at a party that is less than stellar in the music department? We’re not just talking about lack of bangers coming through the speakers but, well, the lack of sound anyone can actually hear from the speakers.

It’s the year 2015 people, so maybe we’re all just used to portable speakers that will play the best hits anytime, anywhere.

For those who haven’t quite gotten on the technological boat with us, though, Pepsi Max’s gives you a tip on how to go full genius by following this do-it-yourself phone speaker, using nothing more than an empty paper towel roll and paper cups.

Once used while during a last-minute predicament in a hotel room in Vegas when… well, that’s another story. Bottom line: The Pepsi Max phone speaker works wonders—now we’re digging through our drawers to see what else we might be able to use as a homemade speaker.

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