After DUI Arrest, Texas Co-Ed Drives Toy Pink Barbie Jeep Around Campus

San Antonio Express

Drinking and driving is one of those genuinely bad things humans routinely do, willfully endangering random, undeserving strangers solely because we want to drunkenly pass out in our own beds with our cars in our driveways.

Rightfully, punishments these days are pretty harsh. A single conviction will cost you your license for a year in most states. Which sucks. If you are accustomed to regularly using your car, it can be a long, awful adjustment, one that you hopefully remember. That’s the whole point.

But one enterprising Texas State University student has found a way to make her time without a driver’s license less miserable. By riding a pink Power Wheels-style Barbie Jeep around campus after her license was suspended for refusing a Breathalyzer test.

From My San Antonio:

Tara Monroe, an industrial engineering junior, said her license was automatically suspended after refusing a breathalyzer test after a Waka Flocka concert. Her father drove to San Marcos from Kingwood, her hometown, to strip her of her vehicle, leaving her with a bike to get around.

“Riding a bike around campus sucks,” she told “Like really sucks.”

It didn’t take long for the 5-foot-3, 20-year-old to decide the Barbie girl life was the one for her. After some Craigslist perusing, she found her sweet ride for $60, its previous owner was a little girl named Charlene.

This being 2015, no one cares about her crime, and she’s already become a craze around campus and on social media.

Because of course. Look at her go.



Still, remember. Don’t drink and drive.

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