Police Bust St. Paddy’s Day Bash, Partygoers Help Cops Confiscate The Kegs Because Canada

When the cops break up your party you have two options: run or try to drink all of the beer in the keg.

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Well it turns out there is a third, completely foreign option that one can do when their kegger is busted; help the police break up the party. I was just as confused as you. Let me explain.

On St. Patrick’s Day, some entrepreneurial Wilfrid Laurier University students bought several kegs to a house and then charged people to drink from them. Turns out that is illegal when done without a permit. Police arrived at the packed residence to confiscate the kegs. Then something oddly beautiful happened, the students who admittedly did something illegal, owned up to their wrongdoing and helped the Waterloo Police confiscate their joy-bringing kegs. Yes, of course this could only happen in the fairytale land of Canada where kindness is king and politeness flows like water in the Amazon River.

The helpful partygoers even posed for pictures with the local police officers.

You hear all the time, “Oh Canada is so much nicer than the United States,” and “Why can’t Americans be polite like our neighbors to the north?” Well, this story actually gives proof of the genteelness of Canadians. In the United States it’s “Fuck the police.” In Canada it’s, “Fuck, the police need our help.”