The Meat Is On The Pole AND On The Plate, Sort Of: Inside Portland’s Strip Club Dining Scene



There’s a law in the city of Portland, Oregon that an establishment cannot serve alcohol without also serving food, therefore the strip clubs must ALL serve food if they want to also serve alcohol.

Portland also fancies itself a ‘foodie’ town, and per capita there are more strip clubs in Portland per square mile than any other major city in the USA. Naturally this has led to some weirdness when the culinary arts meet the stripper pole.

As one woman in this video remarks “the meat is on the pole, NOT on the plate.” Because there are in fact VEGAN STRIP CLUBS. No animal exploitation, not leather, no meat served…and vegans even go there just for the food. Yes, this is all real.

Zagat recently filmed this short on the underground culinary scene at Portland strip clubs, and given that the state of Oregon (Portland obviously included) recently legalized weed for recreational usage, I think after watching this Portland’s about to become quite the alternative vacation destination….

I’m not one to pass judgment, but really, a f*cking vegan strip club is something that has to exist in the world?????


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