Today In NOPE: Bro Pulls A Prank On His Pregnant Wife, Tries To Scare Her, All Hell Breaks Loose

If you’re going to scare the crap out of someone it’s usually best to make sure that someone is physically capable of being pranked, and won’t experience some life-altering physiological reaction from your prank. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but this isn’t a story about the exceptions, this is a story about a bro scaring his pregnant wife and all hell breaking loose within a matter of seconds.

I don’t want to give away too many details because this is a fairly short story, one that we can all learn a valuable lesson from.

TIFU by scaring my wife (by Fear_my_revenge)

So I got off early from work today and came inside. My wife had been over at the neighbor’s place and was just coming back inside. I was just about to leave the bathroom (right next to our back door) and impulsively thought I could be really funny. So, waiting for the perfect moment, I opened the door and yelled right as she walked past.
It was perfect. She screamed and jumped really badly, and then began to laugh really hard as she realized what had happened. But there was one thing I had not taken into account during my impulsive decision. My wife was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. Keyword: WAS.
Yep. I scared my wife into labor. At first we thought it was just flase contractions again, but very quickly realized that this was the real thing. Thirteen hours later and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Everything worked out well, but during labor my wife was NOT amused (though the doctor was a little) when she told him what had caused her to go into labor. Still, lesson learned: do not try to be funny by scaring your heavily pregnant wife.

The dude scared his wife so hard she went into labor…it’s perfectly acceptable to day that this dude ‘scared the life out of his wife’, as his prank led to a baby emerging from her body. With the baby being born healthy I feel okay classifying this as a harmless prank, one that’ll make for an excellent story for years to come. That said, I don’t suggest scaring the shit out of the next pregnant lady you run in to just to see if she’ll go into labor.