Watch This Idiot Propose To His Girlfriend Live On ‘People’s Court’ After She Sued Him For $730

Are you trashy? Do you like to be up in everyone’s business? Are you one of those annoying people on Facebook who enjoy posting about everything little thing going on in his/her life regardless of whether it’s interesting or not? Then congratulations, because you now have something in common with these two fools who decided to get hitched on People’s Court. As if anyone with even half of a brain believes this wasn’t staged, then again the average viewer of People’s Court can’t even boast to have that amount of brainpower so hey, it looks like they picked the right show to do this on.

No one cares about your engagement, and the fiance looks dumb as hell to accept the proposal when she just sued him 30 seconds prior. Fuck these attention whores, I’m out.