Guy Gets Pulled Over For Speeding, Tells Officer He Has To Use Bathroom And Flees, Poops In Squad Car After Arrest

It’s fun stories like these that keep me from quitting this job and resorting to panhandling on the street with a fake pregnancy belly. So even though 24-year-old Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo will probably never read this, I still owe the guy a solid for reigniting my passion for blogging.

Or maybe I should be thanking the cop who pulled Carlos over after catching him going 75 in a 55 mph zone, according to the Miami Herald. If he hadn’t pulled him over, we wouldn’t have this lovely story of how Carlos was “racing home to use the bathroom” and then shat in the back of a squad car. I more or less just spoiled the whole story for you without even being polite enough to throw in a spoiler tag, but at the same time so did the title – in other words, if you didn’t already know how the story ends then you may need to get your noggin checked out.

Refusing to get out of his car after being pulled over, Carlos sped off so fast that “his vehicle struck a deputy’s arm.” Upon arriving at his home, Carlos jumped out of his car and ran towards his house, however before he made it to the front door he was shot with a police Taser.

And because every story needs to come full circle, while being transported to jail Carlos reportedly “peed and pooped in the back of the Lake County sheriff’s patrol car.”

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