We Are All This Kid Being Surprised With A Puppy And Choking On Tears, Some Of Us Just Don’t Have Puppies Yet

Puppy surprise videos never cease to elicit a smile. When you’ve had a shitty day, week, or month you can turn to YouTube and watch a handful of these videos and before you know it you’ll be feeling slightly more optimistic about the world. I received news today that one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had in my life suddenly passed away and at far too young of an age, and it’s totally mindfucked me today.

This video’s by no means made me happy after the earlier news but it’s a quick reminder that there are good things happening in the world at every second of the day. Sure, the world is burning and society is on a collision course without brakes, but I think it’s important to at least try and make yourself smile when shitty things are happening all around you, and looking at puppies for a while is a quick way to lift your spirits.

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Shout out to Brett Rosner, @Brosner85, for sharing this on Twitter!

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