This Real-Life First-Person Shooter Where You Battle Hordes Of Zombies Is So Perfect

by 3 years ago

Video games are getting crazy life-like thanks to next generation consoles and virtual reality, but they’re not as real as this. I mean look at these fucking graphics! Shit looks soooo real. It is real? Oh. That explains a lot.

Realm Pictures created an entire video game board in an actual church and graveyard that is swarming with brain-hungry zombies. Then they asked random people, who actually weren’t jerking their gherkin on Chatroulette to fearlessly guide the character through “the game.” The results are spectacular. Channeling every RPG ever, the character utilizes important items such as keys and pain killers as well as various weapons including a crowbar, a gun turret and a rocket launcher.

This should be a piece of cake since everyone has imagined their game plan to survive the zombie apocalypse, but many people let character die. The gamers told the character to jump, search in coffins and hide. But the most interesting command that someone gave to the character was, “Run fatboy!”

After battling hordes of zombies, they have one last challenge. And like all classic video games, there is a boss at the end of the board.

The British-based studio perfectly sync up audio, visual effects, actors and props in this epic IRL shoot’em up. I’d say they have too much time on their hands, but it was done so perfectly and it already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube after ONE day.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes footage to see exactly how they made this video game come to life.


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