Guy Requesting Refund From Hair Salon Gets Physically Attacked By Insane Older Woman Trying To Act Hard

I wish I knew the actual backstory involved in this altercation inside a hair salon. I know the guy is requesting a refund from the salon, but his head is almost shaved, so what could they possibly have done wrong? Possibly his instructions were “take a little off the top” and the stylist went Full Metal Jacket on his dome.

I’d also like to know why this woman getting her hair did felt the need to get involved in the dispute. She doesn’t own the place — she’d say as much — and doesn’t seem to have any reason to start in with this dude. She gets incredibly aggressive, assaulting him, and then pretends he assaulted her and “hurt her ribs.” Unfortunately for her, she’s too old to realize it’s 2016 and he’s got a camera pointed at her the entire time.

And finally, who’s the other dude following both these people around with a camera? If that’s her husband, he’s doing a terrible job of stopping her from being nutty or defending her and he’s also DOCUMENTING how she’s the aggressor in this situation with his own camera. Is that to help the cops? “See officer, right here is where she’s guilty. You should probably lock her up. I won’t have to sleep on the couch for at least one night.”

And then that fake fall and scream. Dear god.

It might just be time to go to Super Cuts, dude.