Reporter Drops Cringe-Worthy Gay Joke On Live Television That Was NOT Received Well By His Colleague In The Studio

“Hey Mike. Mike. Do you get it? Because your sweater is gay? You big gay gay man.”

Jesus, Steve. It’s one thing to make an off-hand gay joke on live television, but its a whole other animal to make the butt of your joke participate in some convoluted game of charades without delivering a clear punchline. But hey, on one hand I don’t advocate for homophobic rhetoric, but I’m a man of empathy and I can totally understand how Steve could be a little pissed that the network sent him out in a blizzard while Mike sits pretty in his cashmere sweater in the studio. Plus, Steve knows these fucking blizzard segments are about as asinine as the weatherman telling us about the dew point. Dude, no one gives a shit about dew. Tell me if its cold enough to wear my high school letterman jacket and shut your pie hole.

Mike: How does the freezing rain feel against your face?

Steve: Probably a lot better than a bag of dicks against yours, Mike.

Mike: I don’t think this is appropriate.

*18-wheeler passes and flies muddy sleet into Steve’s eyeballs*

Steve: Your sweater is gay.

Guys, make sure you tune into the next segment when Steve delivers Mike a signed Clay Aiken CD live on air. Should be equally as awkward.

[h/t Barstool]

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