This Mechanical Claw Arcade Game Is Rigged In A Way That Would Cause Me To Punch Through That Glass In Anger

by 4 years ago

Life is already hard enough just having to make it through each day without losing your cool in public and smacking the stupidity out of some stranger. However, you don’t smack the stupid out of those strangers in public because society is not cool with that, and it’s not your place.

But when you as a human being are forced to grapple with situations like this completely rigged mechanical claw arcade machine robbing you, and the assumption is that it’s completely cool that the mechanical claw arcade game is rigged and you’re just supposed to bend over and take the paddling. Well, I think in that situation is totally acceptable to put your fist through the glass of the machine and grab that prize. If the makers of that machine are going to take your money knowing that you have no way of winning then you should be allowed to take the money right back out of their pockets, no?

Unless the words ‘YOU CANNOT WIN THIS GAME’ are plastered across that glass in giant letters, then in my mind it seems completely cool to take whatever you want from that machine as it knowingly robbed you of your money. This is the way of the world, the world living inside my mind. You bros agree with me though, right?

I guess we’re just all supposed to accept that CLAW MACHINES ARE RIGGED though, right?


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