The Poor Dad From That Viral BBC Interview Has Responded To His Sudden Fame: ‘It Was A Comedy Of Errors’

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Last Friday the only thing that mattered on the internet was the viral video of Professor Robert Kelly showing both his kids and his wife crashing his live on-air interview with the BBC.

The video immediately became the “Boom Goes The Dynamite” of a new generation of internetters.


Now Professor Kelly is back for another video and this time his family was actually invited.

Kelly tells the Wall Street Journal “It was a comedy of errors.”

As for what his 4-year-old daughter Marion was doing as she captured the world’s attention with her dance moves? Turns out that she had just celebrated her birthday at school and was “in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party,” said Kelly.

As anyone who watched the video knows, things got really ramped up on the hilarity meter when his baby son James rolled into the room in his walker.

“Then I knew it was over,” said Kelly.

Turns out that his wife Kim Jung-A was watching the whole thing unfold on TV, on a delay, when she realized what was happening and made her mad dash for the kids.

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