Want Your Samsung Phone Battery To Last Longer? This Hack Gives You Up To 24 HOURS Of More Battery



Unfortunately the following hack only works for the new S6 as well as the previous S5, so as long as you’re a coolio hip kid who likes to keep his gadgets up to date you should be fine. On the other hand, if you’re David Covucci and have a phone that looks like it’s from 2005, you’re shit outta luck.

While the iPhone has a low power mode option that will save you around four hours of battery, Samsungs have an “Ultra Power Saving Mode” – fuck yeah, you know shit’s aboutta get real if they threw in the word “Ultra.” Enabling this mode potentially extends your battery life by 24 hours, with that estimate being based on if your phone is already at 10%. I’m no mathologist, but by my calculations (read: pounding my fists on the keyboard) that means if you start with 100% battery and have this mode enabled your phone could last up to 240 hours.

Again, not so good at math. Keep that in mind.

To turn on Ultra Power Saving Mode, all you have to do is go to Settings > Battery > flip the toggle on Ultra Power Saving Mode. However, doing so will only allow you to use a pre-selected list of six apps on your phone, including but not limited to phone, messaging and email. You’ll notice that it also puts your phone’s home screen into black and white, and when you blank your screen all the wireless connections to your phone cease, helping it save battery.

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