Sarah Palin Said Something Really Stupid and I Can’t Stop Laughing at It

by 4 years ago

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Can Sarah Palin even be considered a political figure any more? Smug Democrats can’t stand her because of the insane things that come out of mouth. Republicans can’t stand her because she cost the GOP the 2008 election (…and because of the insane things that come out of her mouth). It seems like her most recent effort — a $9.95-per-month Sarah Palin Channel — is a desperate, last-second cash in on her popularity before she rides into a setting sun of any sort of relevance what-so-ever. If I was a politician, Palin would be the last person on earth I’d ever want an endorsement from.

In a rant responding to a recent speech by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on fast food workers making minimum wage, Palin delivered the most inane nonsense I’ve ever heard. How eloquent!

Never forget: She could have been Vice President. At least we got Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? out of it, amirite?




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