Pooping In Antarctica Sounds Like A Total Goddamn Nightmare: Behold The World’s Coldest Porta-Potty

Antarctica has no fixed population of permanent residents. At peak times, during the Summer, the 7th continent population is roughly around 1,000. During the Winter the population shrinks to about 200, all scientists from 29 nations across the globe, all in Antarctica to conduct field research.

That means during the Summer there are ~1,000 people pooping, presumably several times a day. That’s not a lot of feces compared to the average city block in NYC but by Antarctica standards, it’s a logistical fucking nightmare. WE’re talking about a straight up frozen continent here. There’s no plumbing to speak of.

When researchers have to drop their trousers and pinch a loaf off they’re forced to use this ridiculous porta-potty, the world’s coldest porta-potty, and it’s a complete fucking nightmare.

I’ve always thought it would be pretty chill to visit Antarctica in the Summer for like 2-3 days just to experience the endless ice. After seeing this footage explaining how I’ll be shitting in a miserable porta-potty, outdoors, for the entire time I’m there…Well, I’m re-thinking my desire to visit Antarctica.

(h/t DIGG)