Scientists Have Discovered Which Sexual Fantasies Are Most Common

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Have you ever wondered if your sexual fantasies are “normal?” Of course you have, we all have, but now thanks to SCIENCE we have a better idea of what everyone else is fantasizing about when it comes to sex.

A new study by the University of Montreal, recently discussed by Business Insider, surveyed 799 men and 718 women with a mean age of 30 years-old and asked them to rank various sexual fantasies on a scale of 1 to 7 with 1 being they strongly disagreed and 7 meaning they strongly agreed. If they responded with a 3 or above, the study considered that to be a sexual fantasy for that person.

Some of the results were very interesting, as more women than men fantasized about being tied up (52.1% to 46.2%) while far more men fantasized about receiving oral sex (87.6% to 78.5%). Go figure.

Other results of note included…
Having sex with an unknown person: Men 72.5% to 48.9% for women.
Being masturbated by an unknown person: Men 62.5% to 33.4 % for women.
Having interracial sex: Men 61.2% to 27.5% for women.
Having sex with someone much older than me: Men 48.0% to 34.2% for women.

All in all, without crunching the numbers, but from just looking at the chart, it would definitely appear that men have many more sexual fantasies than women. Again, go figure. Then again, maybe the women just didn’t want anyone to know what they’re really thinking.

Check out the entire chart of sexual fantasies here.

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