There’s Now A Company That Will Cancel Your Comcast Service For $5

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It’s no simple task to cancel Comcast. Even if your house burns down, Comcast will refuse to terminate your service. Now a company will endure the agonizing torture of calling Comcast customer service that is equivalent to having your skin flayed by a rusty sword dipped in lemon juice and gasoline that is set ablaze.

A couple of enterprising young software developers took note of the public upheaval from the nightmares that customers have suffered through and decided to monetize those ill feelings. The creators, Eli Pollak, 26, and Earl St Sauver, 24, started a web site called Airpaper that helps people cancel their Comcast cable service without an excruciatingly long phone call. No more transfers, no more looping menu systems, no more “accidental” disconnections. And this little slice of convenience costs a mere $5.

The idea was brought forth when co-founder Sauver was subjected to a grueling 30-minute phone call to cancel his Comcast service before he moved. And actually, a half an hour sounds like a dream call compared to other horror stories.

The Airpaper site bypasses the tedious phone option and instead sends a letter to the appropriate Comcast office closest to the customer.

They hope to spread their service to other hellish tasks such as parking tickets and permits. “There are a huge of amount of things, whether it’s compliance or going to the DMV, folks are required to do that eat up huge amounts of their time and don’t need to take as long as they do,” says St Sauver.

Do you remember the scene in the movie A Bronx Tale, when Sonny schools Calogero on what to do when Louie Dumps owes him $20? His sage advice applies to punks owing you money as well as paying money to cancel Comcast.

Look, it cost you $5 to get rid of Comcast. They’ll never bother you, or ask you for money again. They’re out of your life for $5. You got off cheap, forget it.