Congrats To This Maniac Who Set World Record For Having Over 1 Million Bees On Him

While you were attempting to set the world record for most empty cans Miller High Life on your passed out friend’s forehead on Monday, there was this nutbag setting real world records. This psychopath had 1.1 million bees clinging to his body and set a new Guinness World record.

Gao Bingguo had more than 240-pounds of the stinging insect on his body on Monday. He set the world record for most bees on a human and most nopes ever. He smashed the previous world record of 184-pounds of bees.

The Chinese man had fellow beekeepers pour bees from hundreds of beehives onto his body. Gao, who has been a beekeeper for more than 30 years, accomplished the feat in Tai’an City in China’s Shandong Province.

To attract the insects, they attached a dozen queen bees to help attract the swarms of bees. Gao casually smoked a cigarette while he was covered from head to ballsacks to toes in bees.

Sure Gao can probably go to every bar and just whip out his Guinness World record certificate and instantly be shoulders-deep in poon, but still that dude might still have some bees in his ears and rectum, and who wants to take that chance? I’ll just keep trying to set the world record for most beers on a human.