Seth Rogen Teaches You How To Roll The PERFECT Joint — He’s Got 2 Tricks That Make His Joints Better Than Yours

Seth Rogen smokes a lot of weed, and today Seth Rogen‘s going to teach you how to roll the perfect joint. This video was featured on the YouTube channel ‘Merry Jane’, Snoop Dogg’s latest foray into the world of marijuana, a dedicated website and YouTube channel to all things weed. It appears as if Seth Rogen’s jumped on board with this new series ‘Rolling With Rogen’, where Seth will teach us all how do to get as stoned as possible, and today we’re learning how to roll the perfect joint, filter and all.

What sets Seth Rogen’s perfect joint apart from the joints that you or I might roll are two things: 1) he’s tearing the rolling paper in a way that allows him to roll without crinkling the paper up unevenly, it also allows him to use the minimal amount of paper as possible AND 2) Seth’s perfect joint involves a filter + what he’s calling the ‘baptizing’ of the joint. Neither of those are absolute game changers, but when combined these two tricks that you’ll see below create for the perfect joint.

Even if you don’t smoke weed I still believe that you should know how to roll a joint. This is one of those skills like changing a shattered lightbulb (use a potato to wedge into the broken glass and twist it out) or how to start a camp fire…Every bro should know how to do this stuff.

Smoking weed is no longer taboo, and with it being legalized throughout the nation knowing how to roll a perfect joint will only become a more valuable skill as the rest of the United States falls in line with Colorado, Oregon, Washington, D.C. (and soon to be Vermont and Maine).

So I’d just like to extend a big thank you to Seth Rogen for teaching us all how to roll a perfect joint today, and if you bros are still looking for some more weed/marijuana related content then I invite you to check out my review of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver (on 4/20), where I went through the dispensary and ‘budtender’ experience:

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