Would You Bang The Donald? Because A Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume (For Women) Now Exists



This year Halloween will fall on a Saturday for the first time since 2009. That means there will be parties on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the amount of $$$$$ spent on Halloween costumes this year will be an unprecedented level. There’s also a very real chance that come October 31st, 2015 you’ll be making a decision of who you’d rather go home with: Sexy Cecil the Lion or Sexy Donald Trump. I don’t know you, bro, and I don’t know how your brain works. However, I’m pretty certain that (until now) you’ve never in your lifetime had to face the decision of whether or not you’d bang a sexy Donald Trump.

Yandy Costumes have just dropped Sexy Donald Trump on the world, and already I’m thinking this might be Halloween 2015’s hottest selling costume:

Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume











Naturally, the Donna T. Rumpshaker costume will retail for $69, because why the fuck not?

Now the question is this: could you see yourself going home with a woman dressed up as The Donald? Is it within you to have sex with someone dressed up in a Donald Trump costume? What about two Donalds? Could you have a three-way with two chicks on Halloween night with both of them dressed as the frontrunner to win the Republican Party nomination? Political affiliations aside, do you really think you could have sex with someone dressed up as the guy who came in last place in the 2nd Republican Presidential Candidate Debate?

Anyways, if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself or someone you know you can scoop it up by clicking HERE.