Ravishing Russian Woman Known As The ‘She-Wolf Of Wall Street’ Arrested In $146 Million Tax Scam

by 4 years ago

Generally speaking, 22-year-old students are traveling the world, buying luxury automobiles, and playing with their very own lion cub. Anastasia Tsirenschikova ain’t your garden variety 22-year-old student. The Russian beauty apparently isn’t just a student, she’s also allegedly the “She-Wolf of Wall Street,” based on her favorite movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The lovely Anastasia is reportedly a key player in a $146 million tax scam, and she was arrested this week along with four other cohorts. During questioning with Russian authorities, she partially admitted her guilt to swindling people out of money thanks to a multi-million tax haven scam.

Her crew would charge a 2.5% commission when illegally moving money for Russian businessmen into overseas tax havens. Tsirenschikova is accused of being second-in-command of the gang after leader Mikhail Gomma, a former employee of the Credit-Moscow bank.

The foolish student posted all of her extravagant toys and exotic trips on social media, which tipped off law enforcement as to why a 22-year-old student would live such a luxurious life.

My financial advisor does not look like this.


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