Shia LaBeouf Is Still Being Trolled By 4chan Despite Hiding In Wilderness Of The Arctic

by 1 year ago

Never piss off 4chan users. Never, ever, never, ever. This is the harsh lesson that Shia LaBeouf is learning. LaBeouf’s latest “performance art” is titled “#AloneTogether” This project will have Shia, plus his collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, living in separate and remote cabins in Lapland, Finland where their only contact will be through a livestream broadcast and text messages. The livestream is broadcast to visitors to Kiasma museum in Helsinki, Finland.

Since 4chan took down all of Shia’s #HeWillNotDivideUs flags, they have set to find the Hollywood actor and agitate the livestream. An ambitious group from 4chan has decided to disrupt Shia’s new project and the name of their mission is Operation Cabin Fever.

Finding Shia seemed impossible since he literally could be anywhere in Lapland, which is the northernmost region of Finland and spans 38,752 square miles. LaBeouf is in a cabin so you don’t have weather, sunsets, and commercial airplane routes to use in order to track him down. But the 4chan and 8chan trolls are not ones to shy away from a challenge.

Finland’s version of 4chan, Ylilauta, is being enlisted to help in the latest takedown according to Heat Street.

Despite the project officially launching on Wednesday, by Thursday Shia had enough of the trolls’ shenanigans. LaBeouf went on a lengthy rant on how users of the message boards can’t get women and their sexual frustration leads them to fascist political ideologies.

Since the “project” started, users put MAGA hats on his head on the feed, showed him the stolen HWNDU flag.

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