You Will Not Believe What This Shopper Snatches From The Hands Of A Child During Black Friday Chaos

A vegetable steamer. We’re not talking about a gold-plated Ferrari. We’re not even talking about the last Xbox One. We’re talking about a vegetable steamer. A vegetable steamer was the motivation for this greedy Black Friday shopper in Saginaw, Michigan to accost a small child and rip the vegetable steamer that the little kid was holding. You can pick up a wonderful two-tiered vegetable steamer for under $18 without a sale, so there really is no need to aggressively assault small children for such a lackluster device that you’re buying for someone (Who you obviously must hate since you’re buying them a vegetable steamer) who will never ever use in their lifetime.

And how many fucking vegetable steamers do you need lady?

Gee, I can’t understand why the rest of the world hates us?

Not sure if I want this to be a fake video made by Jimmy Kimmel or not. If it is a fake video then I got fooled, but if it isn’t a fake video than this disgusting behavior is real and that’s nauseating.